The CeMM PhD Program is a unique blend of practical training, lectures and mentoring that builds on the Medical University of Vienna’s guidelines (Doctoral Program N094). There is mandatory course work in the first year, taking 6-7 hours per week, including basic seminars and propedeutics in molecular medicine, cell biology, and ethics, dissertation seminars and regular Journal Clubs. CeMM institute-wide seminars are held every Friday where students will have the opportunity to present their work on a regular basis and receive valuable feedback from Faculty.

In the Journal Clubs (critical paper review) students will present recently published scientific papers. Two different Journal Club formats will be established: Firstly, a PhD Program-wide Journal Club focusing on high-impact publications essential for all students irrespective of their research group. Secondly, a set of subject-specific Journal Clubs for discussion of publications relevant for the respective research group. In the latter, selected publications will come from the immediate field of the student’s research group. In general, Journal Clubs will take place once a week. It is anticipated that not only the general but also the research group-oriented Journal Clubs are open for students of all participating research groups.