Inclusiveness at CeMM

CeMM has a strong intellectual environment that stems from the international nature of its employees. Diversity and different cultural backgrounds are a clear advantage to successful research, collaborations, and the day-to-day business, as long as everyone follows a few basic principles, which at CeMM are: Professionalism, Politeness and Persistence. The working language at CeMM is English.

CeMM is partner in the LIBRA Project

Gender Equality

We are facing the situation that approximately half of the PhD students in Europe are women, but the levels of women researchers decrease at the postdoctoral level and drop dramatically in leadership positions. These numbers demonstrate a dramatic waste of talent and resources in education, research and the labor market.

To overcome the gender imbalance in leading positions at CeMM, we joined the H2020-funded project “LIBRA”. Together with 12 top European research institutes of the EULIFE alliance, we are actively working on the improvement of our institute policies in four domains:

  1. Recruitment policies and procedures
  2. Career development and training
  3. Work-life balance
  4. Sex and gender dimension of research

Supported by a gender expert organization, we first evaluated the current status of gender equality at CeMM and now created a tailored Gender Equality Plan which contains detailed actions to

  • Remove a gender bias during recruitment
  • Give mentoring and training to all scientific staff to raise awareness and facilitate career development
  • Increase Work-Life balance for CeMM employees
  • Raise excellence by including sex and gender dimension in research
  • Increase attractiveness of CeMM as an employer for female scientists